Brand Guidelines

The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure all communications and marketing, delivered through any channel (web, printed, social media, etc.), present a consistent look, feel and voice.

These guidelines should be used for internal (member) as well as external communications, including sponsorships, co-branding, etc. Any communications using the NIPTE Logo should start with an approved template or be reviewed by NIPTE Marketing and Communications staff for correct usage.


The NIPTE logo is registered with the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) and should appear in its entirety on NIPTE communications. It should not be changed or modified in any way. Elements of the logo may be used to create additional design elements, but not as a replacement for the registered logo. Please contact NIPTE Staff for assistance before attempting any customization.

See the NIPTE Logo Library for downloadable logo files. When approved, these may be shared for co-branding / sponsorship purposes.

NIPTE Colors

NIPTE uses a color pallet derived from the blues and red of the logo. All communications should follow the color guidelines.