Material Science and Formulation Focus Group (MSF)

Material Science and Formulation Focus Group will target NIPTE members who are interested in studying the relationships between material properties and their performance in a variety of pharmaceutical contexts. The group will further emphasize rational development of formulations based on the fundamental understanding of material behavior, advanced characterization and modeling.

The MSF focus group would interact well with the Advanced Manufacturing (MAN) focus group, complementing that group’s expertise in manufacturing and process development. It would also have meaningful overlap with a number of other NIPTE focus groups and centers including the Nanotechnology Focus Group (NANO), the Center of Excellence for Abuse Deterrent and Intervention-Based Opioid Technologies (ADF), the newly formed Analytical Testing and Stability (ATS) and potentially the Biologics, Biosimilars, and Biomarkers Focus Group (BIO).

The primary objective of Material Science and Formulation Focus Group will be to facilitate collaboration between NIPTE members interested in advancing the application of materials science to pharmaceutical products, especially formulation development.