Funding opportunities

Proposal calendar as of July 28, 2021


Funding sourceProgramThemeTentative Team LeadFunding targetDue Dates
FDABAAWhite papers (driven by BAA) All areas of relevance and interest Current funding – RTD modeling (Muzzio – $2.2 M) Pending – API continuous manufacturing (Muzzio, 3.75 M)Leaders TBD – Open to all of NIPTE$3M per project (1M/y – 3y)WP –  before 3/4/2022 Full prop by invitation (30 day turnaround)
FDAGDUFACollaborative Research Projects on Complex Generics and Education PrioritiesOpen to all of NIPTETBDTBD
FDAETFEmerging Technologies (CM for biologics, vaccines, 3D printing, Aerosols) Pending – API continuous manufacturing (Muzzio, 3.5 M)Same as Advanced Manufacturing$3M – $4M per project (Y1:2M, Y2,3: 1M)Full prop – April 2022
FDACURESContinuous Manufacturing (API, solids) Undergoing reauthorizationTBD$3M per projectApril 2022
FDACenters of ExcellenceContinuous/Advanced Manufacturing External (Rutgers, VCU, Purdue, UConn)TBD – Open to interested NIPTE schools$100M ($20M/y)TBD – likely early 2022


Funding sourceProgramThemeTeam MembersFunding targetDue Dates
Workshop on accelerated drug development Current fundingAccelerated drug developmentGurvich, Muzzio, Reklaitis, Lu$300,000 (160K awarded)Ongoing
NSFERCAccelerated drug developmentReklaitis, Byrn, Muzzio, Thompson, Burgess, Munson, Lu, Dave, Anderson, Khan$50M ($5M/y – 10 y)Solicitation expected July 2022
NSF Future ManufacturingTBD – needs to be future-leaningTBD$10M ($2M/y – 5 y)LOI – April 2022 Proposal – June 2022
NSFNRTAdvanced Pharma Manufacturing Doctoral training programAnderson, others TBD$3M ($600K/y – 5y)LOI – 11/2021 Full prop 2/2022 Only one proposal allowed per institution
NSF Midscale research InfrastructureTBD (laboratory for rapid product and process development? – scalable API manufacturing? Other?) Theme needs to enable research that is otherwise not possibleTBD Muzzio, Gurvich$6M-$20M (over 5 years)TBD


Funding sourceProgramThemeTeam MembersFunding targetDue Dates
NISTAdvanced Manufacturing RoadmapAdvanced manufacturing of API, OSD, injectablesMuzzio, Gupton, Burgess, Gurvich$300K8/15/2021
NISTManufacturing InstitutesAdvanced Manufacturing of API, OSD, injectablesAll of NIPTE$70MAnticipated 7/2023
USP – BARDANew initiatives in Advanced/continuous manufacturingTraining in Advanced/Continuous manufacturingTBDTBDTBD
Generic IndustryFormulation Science (New prior knowledge)Membership program focused on developing platform formulations, advanced batch manufacturing, training programsTBDTBDTBD
BARDATech WatchBring Manufacturing back to US: -Advanced Manufacturing Laboratories -Platform Formulations -Training ProgramsTBDTBDTBD
DoLEducation and TrainingAdvanced Manufacturing – requires congressional advocacyTBDTBDTBD